I’ve found this to be a strongly opinionated topic among many women.

Everyone has different values, religions and opinions.

We all do it differently. Here’s what worked for us: 
Since birth I’ve had an amazing milk supply with Mila latching on straight away. That’s not to say the first week or so was a breeze, pain free or without thoughts of throwing the towel in. It was tough, uncomfortable and challenging both mentally and physically for all of us. We chose to introduce a bottle of expressed milk after just a few days and continued with a bottle once through the night feeds to offer me some relief and z’s. We saw this as a beautiful opportunity for Kris to connect with Mila during those special milk moments. At around 9 weeks we offered Mila a small bottle of formula as her dream feed. Formula was introduced slowly as it is safely suggested to encourage a longer sleep through the night and help to familiarise Mila with the taste before transitioning off breast milk when this time comes. With all the advise and support from friends, mammas and health professionals around us we decided this was a fit for us! It has made it possible for me to get out and indulge in some ME TIME, train a few clients at work and also allows Kris and I to feed Mila either expressed milk or formula when spending time in public places (I’m not a fan of feeding in public 💁🏻‍♀️). It’s the flexibility that works for us both, it’s not for everyone but it’s what works for all 3 of us! 
This post is to share our experience and choice with our little one. Find a system that works for you all. Not every mamma has the milk supply or can sustain a fully breastfed bubba. Those around you should support your parenting choices and fill your new bubble with nothing but love, support and happiness for your parenting choices.

Happy Mamma, happy bubba, happy fam =happy days! 
P.S I’m using the @philipsaventau breast pump! 


Sarah Boulazeris