"Darling you've got magic in your bones, and gold in your soul. Don't let anyone treat you like your ordinary".

Living and breathing a healthy lifestyle is this young super-mums passion. Integrating her passion into each day to live a life that inspires others to live their dream.

Sarah Boulazeris a fitness industry leader based in Sydney. Currently balancing her time across being a female strength and conditioning coach with Base Body Babes in their Female Strength Sydney Studio, managing her online business, the launch of BUMPFIT a prenatal exercise program and her Baby Mamma role to 2month old Miss Mila.

There is nothing stopping this Mamma on the move.



I have always been active and into sports from a young age. Netball, tennis, softball, swimming, soccer, I dabbled in many sports with my body’s passion to move. After finishing school I went on pursue a professional career working 9 to 5. Whilst working I continued my business studies and hitting the gym daily. This active hobby lead me to further formalise my passion in Fitness to enhance my knowledge and own training performance.

At 25 I decided to quit my daily grind and live the dream, quite literally! New postcode, new housemates, new path with a determined mindset to pursue a passion I'd only ever dreamed of.

... I focused all my energy, actions and thoughts into creating an amazing life "job" that keeps me jumping out of bed before the sun SMILING.

Each day I am given the opportunity to make a positive impact on how peoples move and feel from the inside out. My beautiful community and clients inspire and motivate me to guide and coach them and ME to reaching our health and fitness goals together.

Let’s do this!

SB x